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An Innocent Fall

Black feathers scattered
in the sand and blood.

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The gulls scream, the murmur of the sea interlaces
with moans, sobs, and wild cries of pain
creating a dark

The gulls circle above, afraid to touch upon the sullied shore.

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With a great thump
a wounded wing lifts itself
only to fall again
upon the gritty sand.

Tears and blood
run in rivulets
meeting the  salty waves.

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The waves fed on this elixir
seem to be growing in size
and force.

Or is it just a change in tide?

The blink of an eye.

The red sun
sinks into the sea,
descending once more
to the underworld.

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First everything
is bathed in that fetching light,
a beautiful gruesome valentine.


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Last thoughts,
streams of music,
formless colors,
intelligent sounds,

lost in the fall.

Last thoughts run out
with the blood and tears
toward the hungry roaring body
of Love.

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It is quiet.
So quiet.

A crab scuttles over a dune.

The moon takes her place in the purple sky.


White skin looks blue, black feathers are still inky black.

Eyes as wide as the moon are unblinking as water at last begins to tug the body.

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Feathers are carried away
on the shimmering surface.

The water reaches farther,
tugs harder.

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Wings and limbs are rolled in the sandy surf,
battered a while by the push
and pull, then carried farther...

and farther...

to meet the sun
down in the murky depths,
teeming with life.


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