I'm standing on the porch
when they come.
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I Want To Run

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It's twilight
and the brush

square02.jpg (142414 bytes) I hear the hum of insects,
the movements of
small reptiles and birds
under the sage and juniper.

In the distance
I see them coming
around the

...on the dusty mountain road.
I recognize all of them.
small05.jpg (44619 bytes) A mob.
As soon as  I see them I feel excited and I want to run.
I wait untill they are very close, so that they can see
that I see them then I dash into the cabin
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They come after me and I barely manage to close and lock a back bedroom door in their faces.

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square04.jpg (165100 bytes) I hear someone say,
"I can get this door open with a screw driver."
My heart is pounding from the little burst
of physical activity and I'm filled with glee.
small01.jpg (56804 bytes) tall04.jpg (73576 bytes) I rush to the window, open it and push the screen out.

I know that I have to hurry and move before someone thinks to come around the building.

small06.jpg (39362 bytes) I'm out in an instant and
quietly close the window
behind me leaving the screen on the ground.

I glance around to make
sure that I haven't been seen
making my escape.
I'm tickled pink thinking about them forcing their way into an empty room.
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Then I run along a fence into a little
brush lined ravine.
I run as fast and as far as I can go
untill I am out of sight.

I wait.

When I think that they must by now have realized I am not where they expected to find me I creep back to the cabin. square01.jpg (16864 bytes)
small02.jpg (54617 bytes)

I stroll in the front door thinking I'll suprise them by coming up behind them.

The mob is gone.

There is only one member of the party left and he isn't looking for me.

small04.jpg (8682 bytes) He has come to talk to the one who is always there.
I tell the leader of the party:
"That wasn't much of a hunt.
I expected a chase from a predator like you.
Or did you expect to play dead until
I came back for you to bite me?"
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weird01.jpg (77856 bytes) He smiles nervously, trying to be polite despite his dislike.
We both know he isn't here for me.

He wants the one who is always
here for him.

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