They Keep You Safe

square01.jpg (103431 bytes)
tall01.jpg (99115 bytes) Smith looked down the corridor.
Not supposed to be here.
He was cold and sweaty. Down this steely corridor, the last pathway, the road to paradise, Smith’s Mother, Sister, and countless others had been lead by the Guardians.
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What is at
the end of this road?

There were a great many forbidden zones, this corridor was not singular in that. small01.jpg (51085 bytes)

In exchange there were many very comfortable places to live, and play.

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square02.jpg (90677 bytes) “Do not interfere with the Guardians or the barriers they create, they keep
you safe.” Mother warned.
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“Safe from what?”
asked a young Smith.
“Terrible Dangers.” Mother would not explain further, could not because she didn’t know.
She shuddered even wondering.
“But here we are safe. The Guardians are here
to protect us until
we are Chosen.”
small03.jpg (49773 bytes) square03.jpg (87335 bytes) “Where do
The Chosen go?”
the boy inquired.
small04.jpg (58845 bytes) “The Guardians take them down the road to paradise, to Heaven.” Mother told him happily. small05.jpg (74010 bytes)
“One day you or I
may be lucky enough to be chosen,
if we are very good.”
square04.jpg (91546 bytes) Smith moved nervously into the corridor.
It was easy to be good.
As the billboards paid for by The Council for Mankind said:

“Being good feels good!”

small06.jpg (59525 bytes) The ad bore a depiction of a large man eating a double bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and milkshake.
What was at the end of this corridor? More milkshakes? His Mother?
It had been 13 years since his mother walked this path. Now trembling visibly he approached the steel door ahead. Smith had not been chosen. He
had been plagued since childhood with a nagging curiosity which at last had drawn him to the corridor.
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square05.jpg (136506 bytes) Fear held him
in her icy claw.
small07.jpg (52264 bytes) The fear that
everything he had been told was true...
...and now due to this sinful act he
would be barred from paradise forever.
Or maybe...
all of his suspicions were correct.
tall03.jpg (99037 bytes)
He moved forward faster resigning himself to his destiny. It was clearly too
late to turn back now.
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small08.jpg (76126 bytes) He closed the final distance quickly and stood before
the entrance. It was a gateway more than a door, large enough for five or
six people to pass through at once. Hesitantly he reached out and touched
the smooth surface. At first nothing happened. Then, just as he stepped back
to search for a means to force his way in, the steel door slid slowly upward
allowing a great luminosity to spill out into the passage .
long04.jpg (95756 bytes)
long05.jpg (116081 bytes) The day his Mother was Chosen, Smith was away at the learning facility.

He had arrived home to find his Father waiting for him with the good news.

They went out to dinner to celebrate and afterwards they stopped at a toy store. small09.jpg (58757 bytes)

Smith selected a book with illustrations of animals. It was called

square06.jpg (171233 bytes)
At bed time, Father read the book to Smith.
“Predators are carnivorous and have sharp teeth to eat meat.
The animals they eat are called prey.” The text explained. They looked at the pictures of  lions, alligators, and wolves together.
“Like Shadow.” Smith had observed referring to the family pet.
“Right.” Father confirmed.
small10.jpg (66421 bytes) “And like the Guardians.” Added the eager young Smith. long06.jpg (66441 bytes)

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