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Everything you eat

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“I was thinking of cooking a head today.”
Mother says on the phone,
“I didn’t get a chance to during the Green holiday because I worked.”

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The Green Holiday has been  invented by the corporations to sell more party hats, napkins, greeting cards, balloons, and buttons.

If you stop someone on the street and ask them what the celebration is about, no one can answer clearly.

Mother has missed the opportunity to consume one of her favorite Holiday meals and now intends to make up for it.

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Eva has been battling with a sense of discord all day, the result of
Mother’s apparent obsession with these opportunities.

It started when Mother asked what day the Yellow Holiday would fall on this year.

April 17th.

Mother then went into a great display of depression because by then
Eva and her daughters will be gone.

This gives Eva the impression that it may be a great sacrilege to conduct one's life without first considering the Holidays. She nervously feels that she must be an immoral person.

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“So I’m going to look for a head, and some potatoes, and carrots. You can
eat the potatoes and carrots... can’t you?” Mother asks.

“Um…Yeah, if you get potatoes and carrots I can cook some of those for
myself.” Eva answers.

Just as one can feel the approach of an incoming electrical storm, she can feel the onset of  Mother’s emotional reaction.

“Can’t you just eat them if I cook them all together?”

“Ah well, no... not really. I’d rather not.”

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“Why not?” Mother demands, “Are you changing your religion or something?”

This in particular disturbs Eva. Although they are allowed to do so, no one in her family has ever practiced a religion of any kind.

“No.” She answers, her face curling up into a frown..

The choice is not religious. But is it spiritual? And if it was would that be okay?

“I just don’t want it.”

“But you used to like the taste. What, are you afraid that if you taste it you’ll want to eat the meat?” Mother presses on in a tone that makes Eva want to scream.

“No, I have no worries about that, I have no inclination to eat it. Frankly, it sounds disgusting to me... that’s all. Taste changes.”

Mother reacts angrily and hangs up.

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Everyone knows that meat is an essential part of a healthy diet,
and of course, there is no meat more nutritious and suitable for human consumption than human flesh.

There is some debate about whether it is better to eat criminals or lab grown. Those in favor of lab grown flesh are often considered extremists. It is more costly, whereas the flesh of a criminal can be bought pound for pound for the same rate as the flesh of   free range bovines.

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Eva won’t touch it.

Not for moral reasons. If she was a moral woman, no doubt she would celebrate the corporate Holidays with more enthusiasm.

It is something much subtler. Something that she herself is hard pressed to explain because it is irrational.

Her insides twist as she wonders how evil she might really be, and whether it would be better to suppress her urge to reject the consumption of flesh, better to make her Mother happy and live from senseless Holiday to senseless Holiday...

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gobbling up the heads of criminals.

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