Ghost Days

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It happened again.
At least it seems that way.

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I woke up before the clock.

It used to be a cock.
I’m sure of that.
A simple letter,
nothing but a stroke of my pen.

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Now it’s a clock
with virtual hands
projected on my cell phone;
no longer a cell
surrounding me and my despair.

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No longer the cold fear, piss-smelling impotence
of being forever trapped for something I didn’t do...     

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or I did but only seemingly
those things just happen all by themselves

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and trap you
right there
in the moment
and you can only
wash your hands

moving and

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GhostDays11.jpg (30925 bytes) pulling and
GhostDays12.jpg (23528 bytes) scratching and


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and you can’t even remember where you are or how you got there.

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But every time the cock sings it startles you back...

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into a sweaty face
trapped in a torturous cell
to a life of prison
and despair,

and it’s just then when something begins to

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break away

and sense a space
away from the tormentous rigidity of my fate.

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Right then,

right at the moment of freedom

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the clock on the cell phone becomes visible

and I don’t recognize where I am

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and get up

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and swear this time I’ll vacuum and clean and read

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and create

and eat well

as I put the sweat smelling clothes from last week

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and drive again to work

and try to borrow money
to take my daughter to the movies

just in case she decides to like me again one day.


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